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Free-written Poetry Sessions | 4.4

“with, I know better.
without, I am new…”


first of all, you – yes, you – are the bees knees for even reading this far into the post. I appreciate you. you’re loyal. you’re kind. you’re smart . . . and, most importantly. . . you’re important. never change . . . never settle . . .

alright, now back to business!

I just really wanted to let y’all know what’ll be coming for the
House of Reveries within the next couple of weeks.
so, if you’d like to stick around to find out? sweet.
if not? . . . it’s ok, really. no worries.

aaaalright. now, back to those updates.


. . . but, if uhh . . . if this is your first time hearing about it . . . then, I imagine that means absolutely nuthin’ to ya; and, that, is perfectly fine.

Away from Decadence & Untamed Pieces is my first book, first project. s’not out yet but, I had glimpses of it on the site and I just recently took ’em all off . . . as though they had received too much exposure or too many likes or somethin’; like they had gotten too hot, ya know . . . like, it got too hot in here so, I took off all my posts . . .

*clears throat*

either way, the posts are all gone now and all you have left to explore in this House of Remainders is the beauty of the words I left behind and, those to come.

and, there will be plenty more to come, I promise. and, much more frequently, too. so, just bear with me!


but, it might not be exactly what you’re used to seeing from me. and, not that it’s terrible in any way or even groundbreaking, really. it’s just . . .


with minimal edits, if any at all.

see, here’s what I did:

I got this nice, new fine point pen and this nice, new journal from my aunt so, naturally, I decided to start filling it up. and, I decided to start filling it up while I was at work, on my 15-minute breaks, to challenge myself.

the idea was to freewrite as many short poems or prose pieces as possible, in that time period, while listening to my favorite playlists for inspiration.


groundbreaking, right? freestyling some poetry while listening to your favorite music? whoodathunkit (“who would have thought of that”, for the northerners)?

I know, it’s exciting; but, just try your best to stay calm for me, ok? I just got one more thing to tell you about and, that would be,



it’s not-so boomin’ right now, as you can see, but it does, currently, include and will be including first glimpses of other new poems for other series that I’m working on; aaaand, it even has and will have some of the artwork and excerpts from the first few chapters of . . .

wait for it . . .


so, see, it’s not completely gone just, not completely there, either.

but, again, thanks for reading! there’s much more to come, so stick around; see ya soon!

MUSING|JULY 3, 2016|12:20PM|long live the outlandish

fields of blue and skies of green
with clouds of black to float in between.

these are a few of my favorite things;
these abnormal things,
these abnormal dreams.

abnormal to be so abnormally me:
what you normally see isn’t normal to me.

I’m yearning to see . . .

deeply . . . into the minds
of the ultra superior “normal” beings
who are always so kind,
just to let me exist on the very same planet
,in the very same time,
as their immortal, royal selves . . .

what a surprise it’ll be
when it all unwinds.

that skin of theirs, this skin of mine,
rotting underground, side by side . . .

nothing left
except for pride;
just the pride that they held on to
with their own dear lives . . .

the same pride that . . . ultimately caused . . .
our people’s demise . . .

what a surprise it’ll be
when it all unwinds.

MUSING|JUNE 26, 2016|2:29PM

forms of poetry

“if there’s any place you’d like to know, 
just let me know and we can go off
to a place that’s far away . . .
another place, another day, 
another way for our escape,
another path for us to take,
before we step and break away.
we’ll have our day, we’ll have our day”

MUSING|MAY 24, 2016|3:45PM

“when the ‘sky [finally] falls’, the stars will still remain unbothered,
for the stars have never truly been a part of the ‘sky’, to begin with.
they’re always sitting too far above, too far out of reach.
it’s, seemingly, only the stars that will live on for eternity . . .

it’s, seemingly, only the powerful that are able . . .

and, the powerless seem to forever be searching for power;
looking up at the stars for change, 
though change won’t ever seem to come their way.
only things higher up can make change, you see?

but, it’s either we all win or we all fail . . . no in-between . . .