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I’m giving you my heart
so you can run away
with it and all my joy
and all my pain . . .

my love was lost so long ago
that heart won’t help
these eyes to see
what can’t be felt . . .

I am no longer warm
and that’s the way it has to be
my love is dead, my love is gone,
and now the cold is after me . . .



“. . . however, experience is, at times, confused with simply enduring. complacency. simply being surrounded by a situation but, not really being a part of it. being surrounded by a certain group of people but, never engaging them in attempt to understand them. never talking to them.

how can you control what you don’t know?

how can you be controlled by someone/something that doesn’t even know you?”


as individuals, we oppose _______ and all of his/her supporters; yet, we all either know someone like _______, have someone like _______ in our families, or could be just as bad as _______ ourselves, either in the same way or in a different way. but, we still love ourselves with all the flaws that we have. and, we still love our flawed family members. and, we still love our “asshole” friends. and, we still watch our horrendous TV shows and movies with all the scandal we can handle. yet, we call out other people for not representing a culture the “correct” way.

fix yourself, first, to fix the ones around you.