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corners (full poem)

what is it to feel a sense of urgency
without a place to go

. . . and, what is convergence with
no sense of urgency; what can emerge from this

center of expressions
and absurdity
reflected from the
center of impressions
and absurdity,
arrested ingenuity

what is it to feel
with hope to grow up
loved and

what is it to be protected
by the surety, converging walls
of purity mixed with “up
to no good”

stuck on firetrucks and roads that surely lead to nowhere

stuck on bending trees
with growing shadows,
veiled impressions,
married to space,
entangled with time in
patterns of hidden
and hinted pigmented
looks, greywithablueishtint,
neighboringyellow of sunlight, bright,
friendly glare,
still, stuck on eclipsing the
rest of the earth,
uncovered with
time not discovered just yet . . .

still, stuck on surveying the field
and, then, wondering how.
still stuck on whathaveyou
and whathaveyoudone
in the pastlife
to live so unhindered today.
still stuck in the chase
in the movement
in patterns

still stuck on the firetrucks,
roads leading nowhere.

stuck on just hoping the
lights’ll come on
(and stuck hoping for sirens)
still stuck on the
promise of danger
(and hoping for sirens)
still stuck on excitement

a bull in a chase

get stuck seeing red,
’til the red just takes over

still stuck on the fire trucks
over again,
this here road leads to nowhere