Category: Musing

MUSING|JULY 3, 2016|12:20PM|long live the outlandish

fields of blue and skies of green
with clouds of black to float in between.

these are a few of my favorite things;
these abnormal things,
these abnormal dreams.

abnormal to be so abnormally me:
what you normally see isn’t normal to me.

I’m yearning to see . . .

deeply . . . into the minds
of the ultra superior “normal” beings
who are always so kind,
just to let me exist on the very same planet
,in the very same time,
as their immortal, royal selves . . .

what a surprise it’ll be
when it all unwinds.

that skin of theirs, this skin of mine,
rotting underground, side by side . . .

nothing left
except for pride;
just the pride that they held on to
with their own dear lives . . .

the same pride that . . . ultimately caused . . .
our people’s demise . . .

what a surprise it’ll be
when it all unwinds.

MUSING|JUNE 26, 2016|2:29PM

forms of poetry

“if there’s any place you’d like to know, 
just let me know and we can go off
to a place that’s far away . . .
another place, another day, 
another way for our escape,
another path for us to take,
before we step and break away.
we’ll have our day, we’ll have our day”

MUSING|MAY 24, 2016|3:45PM

“when the ‘sky [finally] falls’, the stars will still remain unbothered,
for the stars have never truly been a part of the ‘sky’, to begin with.
they’re always sitting too far above, too far out of reach.
it’s, seemingly, only the stars that will live on for eternity . . .

it’s, seemingly, only the powerful that are able . . .

and, the powerless seem to forever be searching for power;
looking up at the stars for change, 
though change won’t ever seem to come their way.
only things higher up can make change, you see?

but, it’s either we all win or we all fail . . . no in-between . . .