Category: Challenger Series

CHALLENGER | AUGUST 29, 2019 | 10:53PM

crutches keep you out of the race,
perhaps, rehab doesn’t look so bad,
I think I’ve had enough of weakness,
I think I’d like to find my strength
without these crutches I can run
I know I can
I hope I can
I know I can’t keep stumbling down
these roads don’t give out second chances,
that is why I keep the crutches . . .

’cause, if I fall, it’s over . . .

CHALLENGER|JUNE 17, 2019|11:34PM

“a guilty conscience makes
a-musing storytelling
lying down against the grain.

exploring “stops” for continence
to split the brain and fix the states
of consciousness to heal the pain.

revert to lying down and telling stories,
amusing stories make the conscience
ease of guilt.”


tried to take a step outside the cave
and everyone saw,
and everyone laughed.
and everyone yelled.
but, none understood.

tried to leave it all,
and to leave for good,
and it wasn’t allowed . . .

promised no looking,
they promised no laughing,
they promised no yelling . . .
they promised understanding . . .

fools . . .

all just fooled . . . all just fools . . .