Category: Anguish: Interlude to Bliss

a dream is all it seemed

“the love walked out the door
and took the pain along with it.

the hate that burned
the joy that stayed
the face that turned
to face the rain,
was washed away
when moonlight came
to grave the day
when moonlight came
along to grieve . . .

it was the same night
all of the stars fell
out of the sky.

the day the door slammed shut
it shook this world
and brought down structures
built to last.

the lies that left too
still deny me truth
got left behind me
proof it wasn’t
just another dream . . .

a fakeness left
a reality set in
seemed . . .
too bad to be true . . .
too harsh to believe . . .

a dream is truly all it seemed . . . “

forms of poetry


destroying the body for self-preservation: a hell of a cycle.

doused it in gas from head to toe
and struck a match,
watched it topple to the
ground and start to squirm . . .

the feet were thrashing around so heatedly . . .
the arms were stretched to stiffness, reaching out greedily
trying to grab a grain of oxygen on the right,
and a pair of hydrogen on the left.
a force of habit,
to no avail. the body squirmed . . .

the eyes went black as they were charred
to sudden blindness,
the head was spinning out of control,
the body was squirming . . . it was a murderous sight . . .

the expression on the face was almost unrecognizable . . .
the anguish . . . it appeared . . .
had convinced the mouth to curve into a smile . . .
a devious, innocent, slightly crooked, little smile . . .

but, why?
but, how?

the flames died down
and the body went still . . .

the hand let go,
and the used-up match
landed softly in the rubble . . .

forms of poetry

addressed to: you

I went to sleep
(right next to you)

then, I woke up and I was still
(right next to you)

I wanted to check my phone.
(no texts from you)
I’m still alone.

I want you home.
(what’s left of you?)
I know, I know, I got
(the best of you)
issues, I’m wrong.
(what’s best for you?)

but, I just want to know
(the rest of you)
if you’ll come home.