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perhaps, this smooth jazz,
playing sweetly in my ears,
is from within

perhaps, I think,
I hear the melody
once again

I think,
I hear it . . .”

. . . as a rule
and as a flaw,
he used his soul
to guide the way

protected soles
in case of
beckoning calls
to search
throughout the day

and through the night
he fought off enemies
from standing
in the . . .

. . . wait . . .

and through the night
he didn’t fight
he taught his enemies
to play

and through the mourn
and through the hate
they learned to love
and understand

they gained some empathy . . .
and more than that
they helped him
with his plan . . .

continued on
creating bonds
to break the norm
of common man

they heard the music
more and more . .

I hear the melody
once again . . .


when that old lady went to take a sip of her tea, man . . .

I just lost it . . . I just smacked! it out of her hand with so much force! . . . I couldn’t help myself . . . an authoritative! force, it was . . .

it was chamomile; pfft!
I said to her, I said, I said
“there will be no calm for the old, you old hag” I says,
“there will be no soothing here today.”

(just bear with me)

forms of poetry

then I says to her, “it was your kind that started all this shit so
it’s gonna be your kind that’s gonna fix it!
and, there will be no tea for any of you
until it’s fixed! ”

. . . and, she just looked at me in disgust for a while, both scared and astonished, then finally gathered her whereabouts and asked,
“sir, have you lost your effing mind?!”

which is, perhaps, the wrong question to ask someone who has, indeed,
recently been knocked completely off their rocker because they
just might tell you “yes, you old broad. in fact, I have . . .

somehow it got lost inside all you old pieces of shit and the young ones alike.
somehow, it got stuck in your old ways and your old traditions, just like y’all did

and, I’m tired of it! I can’t take it and I won’t take it any longer!

“ya see . . . ya see, ma’am . . . it was my mind that got contained, beaten, bruised, and questioned at every turn, nearly molded and almost completely turned into something that doesn’t even please me or represent me at all!”

wow . . . what a speech so far, right?

by now, I’d also taken the liberty of going around the room and slapping a few more drinks from the hands of my customers and am currently standing on the counter, shouting and flicking off my manager . . .

. . . yeah . . .

forms of poetry

so, I says to all of ‘em (as I, of course, have the attention of all who’ve entered the shop plus a few hundred viewers on someone’s snapchat story . . . gotta love the fans . . .)
I says, “I’ve had it with this world, haven’t you?? aren’t you tired of working that dead-end job? doing the same ol’ things every single day, acting like things are just always gonna be ok, letting precious moments of life just slip away? aren’t you afraid of being stuck in false contentment??”

. . . someone in the back said, “what’d he say?”

“ah, great, they’re listening”, I says to myself.

I says to them some more,
“what’ll it take for all of you to get angry and to feel just as fed up! as I feel right now, right here . . .
what will it take to get all of you to listen to what I have to say?”

I jumped down to smack another cup out of a greedy little hand . . .
that baby reeaally thought I didn’t see that shit . . . well, think again, kid!

“if you’re currently enraged by my actions”, I says to ’em, “why don’t you feel the same passion when much worse is done to you, every day, by individuals with much more influence than I? in much higher positions than a coffee shop tabletop?

I know, very well, what I’ve done here, folks . . . I saw the reactions; a few of you wanted to fight me when I Embiid’d your drinks not too long ago, a few of you actually even tried to throw down . . . and, don’t worry, I forgive you . . .
but, my point is this: if you understand why I did what I did and agree that something’s gotta change about the way things are around here, why not get up with me right now, leave your spilled drinks, and let’s go take back what’s ours!! . . .”

breathing fairly hard, with one fist in the air and a deranged look on my face, I looked around at my growing crowd and noticed nothing but angry and horrified faces and smart phones everywhere . . .

suddenly, the old woman got up out of her seat and shuffled over to my newfound stage and simply stared . . .
“why, on earth, would I join you to fight them”, she asked, “when it would be so much easier to just-”


knocked me out cold. never even saw it coming . . .

but, what a scene, right?

oh, and the aftermath?

well, as you can probably guess, I got fired from the shop that day but, everybody got free drinks due to my little shenanigans and, as things always do these days, all the videos of my cup-slapping went viral and even ended up on the news . . .

some commentators even went as far as calling my performance “brave”, “comedic”, “day-making” . . .
others called it “stupid”, “childish”, “psychotic”, and, my all-time fav, “not what this country needs!”.

quite touching but total ouch, right?

but, perhaps it won’t turn out to be as bad as one would expect in these conditions . . .

I still wonder, did the revolution end all too soon with one punch, or, did it simply begin with a hell of a bang?

forms of poetry


no longer adapting to the world
and feeling trapped inside this person.

forms of poetry

figure me as what i am,
but what they see
is someone hurting.

silly me,
it’s so discerning:
seeing me
in front of curtains.

feeling trapped inside this person.
open windows.
i am hurting.

forms of poetry

jump my tears away.
(i’ll jump my fears away)
in hopes of learning.

no love here for they
will not adhere;
will just add fear
to play.

but, no place here today.
so, i just . . . mm . . .
so, i’m just here to stay . . .

a dream is all it seemed

“the love walked out the door
and took the pain along with it.

the hate that burned
the joy that stayed
the face that turned
to face the rain,
was washed away
when moonlight came
to grave the day
when moonlight came
along to grieve . . .

it was the same night
all of the stars fell
out of the sky.

the day the door slammed shut
it shook this world
and brought down structures
built to last.

the lies that left too
still deny me truth
got left behind me
proof it wasn’t
just another dream . . .

a fakeness left
a reality set in
seemed . . .
too bad to be true . . .
too harsh to believe . . .

a dream is truly all it seemed . . . “

forms of poetry