Author: Carl E. Webb II

a twenty-four year old human, by the name of Carl E. Webb, II, pours reveries onto pages, hoping to ease the woes of those that witness . . . in here, you will find some thoughts, some lessons, some pains, some joys, in the forms of poetry, prose, short short stories, and more. read on, if you’d like; and, understand. and, enjoy. thank you.

Free-written Poetry Sessions | 5.5

“…love me…”

the easy life can be deceiving

it is what it is
and, it definitely
isn’t easy

see, the wise
will pray
for hard

the easy life
can be deceiving

nothing less
than stress
completes me

nothing less
than best
precedes me

lessons left
are left
to test
but, not
to tease me
nor appease me

believe me

there’s no need
to second guess,
this life is hard
but, hard
makes easy