Month: May 2019

all ways

all ways

Kings|Queens continue,

but, not by choice,
it’s just by instinct.

life gets tough,
it can be rough . . .
but, there’s no resting for

Kings|Queens: continue.

there’s no choice,
just use your instincts.

you are tough,
you’re made for rough.

you’re built for testing.
there’s no resting . . .

MUSING|MAY 24, 2016|3:45PM

“when the ‘sky [finally] falls’, the stars will still remain unbothered,
for the stars have never truly been a part of the ‘sky’, to begin with.
they’re always sitting too far above, too far out of reach.
it’s, seemingly, only the stars that will live on for eternity . . .

it’s, seemingly, only the powerful that are able . . .

and, the powerless seem to forever be searching for power;
looking up at the stars for change, 
though change won’t ever seem to come their way.
only things higher up can make change, you see?

but, it’s either we all win or we all fail . . . no in-between . . .

the wise will wait for wisdom

in all you do, find joy, instead of happiness.
pleasure is always fleeting.
desire won’t last.
bliss, they say, is for the ignorant
but, the wise will wait for wisdom
. . .

. . . because, knowledge is power, is it not?
and, with it comes control,
to an extent, does it not?
and, since when does control have a limit?

if you learn how to gain
the strength to feel and redirect . . .
to maintain, to take control,
to consistently be able to
find the happiness again
. . .

. . . see, happiness is a feeling;
joy is an emotion.

a feeling is external;
emotion is within.

a feeling comes to you,
while emotion comes
from you.

so, essentially, in the mean time,
find the good to overcome.
persist through pressure
find the prize . . .

in all you do, find joy, not happiness.
pleasure is always fleeting
and, desire never lasts.
bliss, just know, is reserved for ignorance,
but, the wise will wait for wisdom.