Month: May 2019

MUSING|MAY 27, 2016|11:27PM

forms of poetry

“yes, I have my demons;
and, I have angels too. but,
I’m starting to have trouble
telling them apart . . .”

MUSING|MAY 24, 2016|3:45PM

“when the ‘sky [finally] falls’, the stars will still remain unbothered,
for the stars have never truly been a part of the ‘sky’, to begin with.
they’re always sitting too far above, too far out of reach.
it’s, seemingly, only the stars that will live on for eternity . . .

it’s, seemingly, only the powerful that are able . . .

and, the powerless seem to forever be searching for power;
looking up at the stars for change, 
though change won’t ever seem to come their way.
only things higher up can make change, you see?

but, it’s either we all win or we all fail . . . no in-between . . .

MUSING | “CORTEX” | MAY 15, 2016 | 4:38PM

forms of poetry

“the raw execution of the institution of the brain: the mind. delicate, yes. yet, deeper than the roaring of oceans.

o’, what a wonder . . . to relish in its beauty. to relish in its splendor. to crack the uncrackable . . .

. . . forever will the secrets of the universe be still within its being.”


“Tis entirely more tolling to accept the coldness of reality than to relish in the warmth of any fantasy.


‘Tis entirely more destructive to simply delight in any fantasy than to accept the genuine nature of this reality.”